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Beginning Greek

Regular Sequence - Four Semesters

GRK 101 ELEMENTARY GREEK. (4) An introduction to the study of Classical Greek. Emphasis is placed on learning to read the language. Some attention is given to Greek literature and civilization. FALL

GRK 102 ELEMENTARY GREEK. (4) A continuation of CLA 151. Prereq: GRK 101 or equivalent. SPRING

GRK 201 INTERMEDIATE GREEK. (4) Review of grammatical principles together with readings from Greek prose and poetry. Selections from a wide range of authors will be included in order to demonstrate the diversity and appeal of Greek literature. Emphasis is placed on developing reading ability. Prereq: GRK 102 or equivalent. FALL

GRK 202 INTERMEDIATE GREEK. (4) The reading of Greek prose and poetry. Textual and literary analysis of selections from classical authors and the New Testament. Prereq: GRK 201 or equivalent. SPRING