Comparative Politics

What is Comparative Politics?

Scholars in Comparative Politics investigate critical issues and questions in Political Science, drawing evidence from regions and countries around the world.  By employing one of the fundamental practices of scientific inquiry (comparison) we are able to make important contributions to research on social and economic inequality, economic development, women's rights, democracy and political institutions, regime change, political violence, and ethnic politics.  The expansion of the internet has brought much of the world to our desktop (see Data links), but comparative political scientists still conduct primary research in the field--interviewing political elites, conducting surveys, and running field experiments.

Dr. Tiffany Barnes will be back in the field this summer, conducting further research on gender and politics in Argentina.  This fall, she will be a Visiting Fellow at the Kellogg Institutes for International Studies at Notre Dame, where she will be working on her book manuscript on women’s legislative behavior in the Argentine provinces.

Dr. Emily Beaulieu will participate in a workshop on election integrity at Harvard’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs this summer, and is working to finalize production of her book on electoral protest and democracy in developing countries.  In the fall Dr. Beaulieu is beginning new research projects on parliamentary brawls and teaching a new course on “Cheating, Corruption, and Crime”.

Dr. Abby Córdova will travel this summer to the Dominican Republic with graduate student Kathleen Clark to conduct an experiment on the impact of social networks on political tolerance toward immigrants. Her ongoing research projects include the exploration of neighborhood contextual effects on political participation in Central America and a natural experiment in Haiti of the political impacts of natural disasters based on survey and geocoded data.



  • National Science Foundation--Dissertation Improvement Grants (Jan. 15; Sept. 16)
  • Tinker Foundation--Field Research Grants (Oct. 1)
  • Fulbright Foundation--Student Program (country-specific grants) (Oct. 15)
  • Fulbright-Hays--Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship (June 3)
  • Social Science Research Council--International Dissertation Research Fellowship (Nov. 7)
  • Ford Foundation (specific grants) 


  • PS 210    Introduction to Comparative Politics (Fall 2013)
  • PS 391    Politics of Development (Fall 2013)
  • PS 391    Cheating Corruption and Crime (Fall 2013)
  • PS 428G  Politics of Latin America (Fall 2013)


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