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Dima Kortukov


I am a teaching post-doctoral scholar in the Department of Political Science at the University of Kentucky. I hold a PhD in political science from Indiana University. My scholarly interests include authoritarian politics, governance, democratization, political economy, conflict, Russian/post-Communist politics, and social science methodology. In my research, I analyze the foundations of institutional change and explore the determinants of elite political behavior. I have published peer-reviewed articles on topics such as electoral reforms in Ukraine, the political economy of the post-Communist transition, and authoritarian ideology.


Selected Publications:

Kortukov, Dima. 2020. "The Politics of Electoral Reform in Ukraine." Problems of Post-Communism, 67 (6):488-99.

Kortukov, Dima. 2020. ""Sovereign Democracy’ and the Politics of Ideology in Putin’s Russia." Russian Politics, 5 (1):81-104.

Kortukov, Dima. 2019. "Bandits, Bankers, Bureaucrats and Businessmen: Post- communist Political Economy Twenty-Five Years After Soviet Dissolution." Comparative Politics, 51 (3):473-92.