Glenn M. Harden

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  • Ph.D. Candidate
  • Lecturer (Asbury University)
  • Political Science
Asbury University, Morrison 101, Office hours for Fall 2021 10:45am-12pm or by appointment
  • Other Affiliations:
Research Interests:
  • BA International Affairs, The George Washington University, 1992
  • MA History, George Mason University, 2001
  • MA Theological Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary, 2011
  • MA Political Science, University of Kentucky, 2019

My dissertation topic is the transnational diffusion of human trafficking policy. Through my research, I aim to assist practitioners helping marginalized people, such as victims and survivors of human trafficking, in achieving better, scientifically-informed policy outcomes. My current research has a quantitative focus.

I have eclectic scholarly interests and have also written at the intersections of commercial sexual exploitation, philosophy and theology, as well as on the historiography of antebellum reform.

With graduate degrees in political science, history, and theological studies, as well as traning and experience in secondary education, I have versatile teaching qualifications. I delight in teaching, and I am always seeking to improve my teaching craft.

As a colleague and work partner, I am committed to being a team player, ensuring everyone has a voice, and empowering my supervisors, colleagues, and those under my supervision in their own work. I always strive to listen and learn from others, but I am also able to take leadership if it is in the best interest of the organization. I seek to be kind, compassionate, honest, approachable, and faithful in my commitments.

Earlier careers include seven years as a civilian procurement official for the US Navy. I lived in the Dominican Republic from 2003 to 2015 where, for part of that time, I founded and ran a non-profit organization to help victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and their families. My wife and I were also active in dog rescue there.

I currently serve the community in my work on the data working group for the Kentucky Human Trafficking Task Force.

I am also an artist and you can see some of my work here.

Courses Taught:

At Asbury University

  • PS 101 American Government and Politics (Fall 2019)
  • PS 201 State and Local Politics (Spring 2020)
  • PS 202 History and Politics of the US Constitution (Spring 2021)
  • PS 301 Comparative Politics (Fall 2020)
  • PS 302 International Relations (Fall 2019, Fall 2021)
  • PS 393 Human Trafficking: Global & Regional Perspectives (Fall 2020)
  • HIS 102 Western Civilization II (Spring 2021, Fall 2021)
  • HIS 393 Women in US History (Spring 2020)

At the University of Kentucky

  • PS 101 American Government (Spring 2019)
  • PS 210 Introduction to Comparative Politics (Fall 2018)
  • PS 230 Introduction to International Relations (Spring 2018)
  • PS 240 Introduction to Political Theory (Fall 2017)
  • PS 372 Introduction to Political Analysis (Spring 2017)

At Baker College (Online)

  • HIS 201 American History to 1865
  • HIS 202 American History from 1865
  • HIS 301 Women's Studies
  • HIS 411 Emerging Nations
  • HUM401A Ethics

At Wilson Memorial High School

  • US Government (AP)
  • World History
Selected Publications: 

Harden, Glenn M & Leslie Harley. Forthcoming. "Sexual Exploitation and the Meaning of Authority" in Traffic Jam and the Bread of Life, eds. Miles, Prevette, and Crawford.

Harden, Glenn M. 2016. The Sex Trade, Evil and Christian Theology. Wipf & Stock.

Harden, Glenn M. 2003. 'Men and Women of Their Own Kind': Historians and Antebellum Reform.

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