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Jim Newberry

For over 100 years, the College of Arts & Sciences has been fertile ground for aspiring political leaders, from former Kentucky governors Edward T. Breathitt and Martha Layne Collins to current U.S. Representative Louise Slaughter, and even Lexington’s own mayor Jim Newberry.

In 1978, as a senior political science major, Newberry might not have known that he would lead Lexington, but seeing that he served as Student Government President and received a diverse Arts & Sciences education, he was certainly well-prepared for just such an endeavor.

“I am confronted on a daily basis with issues ranging from economic policy to social services to criminal justice to civil engineering,” Newberry began. “My political science degree and liberal arts education exposed me to a multitude of disciplines, and those broad experiences as a student prepared me well for the broad demands placed upon me as mayor.“

“Further, the critical thinking and communications skills that I developed in the College of Arts & Sciences have been key components to my professional success.“

Newberry recalled a particular A&S professor and class that were highly beneficial and influential in his future. “Dr. Robert Ireland, a now retired history professor, was one of my favorites. His Constitutional History class combined my love of both history and the law. The class was great preparation for law school.“

As Lexington and UK move forward together, Newberry is one person that can truly understand that success for one translates into success for the other.