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Where Can Political Science Take Me?


Political Science

Political science majors will examine the behaviors of world leaders and explore issues of power, conflict and justice. Students will study the development, political system, and function of governments in an attempt to ascertain the best practices for integration into new ideas and future proposals.

The political science department at UK offers a wide range of courses spanning the sub-fields of political processes, judicial behavior, political theory, international and comparative politics as well as public administration, state and local government. After completing a core course of study in each discipline, the flexible political science curriculum allows students to specialize in a sub-field of their choosing. Political science majors are also encouraged to explore the field outside the classroom through participation in internships, research, and independent work.

What Skills Does Studying Political Science Develop?

-Gather information and opinions through a variety of means and synthesize the findings into a coherent and persuasive argument

-Strong written and oral communication skills

-Theoretical and practical approaches to political and government functions

-Effectively encounter criticism and opposing views

-Critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to solve problems

Undergraduate education program

Graduate education program

Career Opportunities

With a strong foundation in the liberal arts, political science majors are well suited for a variety of careers. Occupational opportunities include government administration, politics and campaigns, public policy, non-profit organizations, international relations, business and journalism. Students are also prepared to pursue graduate programs in area studies, business, law or diplomacy.

Although this list is not inclusive, political science majors can be found in the following careers:

- public administration
- international affairs specialist
- journalism
- law enforcement
- teacher/professor
- lawyer or judge
- legislative staff member
- lobbyist
- political analyst
- politician
- public policy researcher
- campaign management
- news correspondent
- sales and marketing
- social service worker
- speech writer
- human relations
- urban and regional planner
- non-profit organizations

For more information about careers, go to the following:

The American Political Science Association

Careers in Government

International Association for Political Science Students

For more information about career opportunities, contact the UK Career Center.

To view current internship and job opportunities availaible to all students visit