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Adding a Facebook link to Blackboard

Facebook can be a helpful tool for teachers to encourage students to interact with each other outside of the classroom. In this video,we will show you how to create a Facebook group page for your class and how to put the Facebook link in a Blackboard shell.

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How to edit your adobe connect recordings

Adobe connect can be a very useful tool for collaborations. For example, it allows users to discuss the projects they are working through the use of microphone and screen share. A user can also record the meeting and post the video for others to view later. Editing the video on adobe connect may be easier for users because it does not have many complicataed tools. Furthermore, a user can always revert the edited video back to the original state if he decides that he does not like the editing and wants to start from the beginning.  In the video, I will talk about ways to edit recordings on adobe connect.


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Holiday Special: Stinky Tofu


So this holiday I decided to try a traditional Taiwanese recipe- the Stinky tofu!


Shrimp sauce

Crushed garlic

Clam Sauce

(You can purchase all these materials at the Yu Yu grocery store)

To make:

1. Marinate the tofu with the shrimp sauce for two nights.

2. Deep fry the marinated tofu until it turns golden brown,

3.Mixed the clam suace with some water, sugar and crushed garlic.

Then, enjoy!


Designing online education programs

Toyota Unveils High-tech Car Ahead of Show by associatedpress I was waiting at the help desk and in order to answer my questions, the receptionist was requesting information through the computer. The lady behind the desk was frustrated and said, “common, wake up computer!” Feeling frustrated towards our computers may not be too uncommon and some researchers, like Surakka and Vanhala, suggested that our frustrated respond to a computer is similar to how we would response to another human being. They asserted that humans are born to interact with others and this inclination of social interaction causes humans to respond to inanimate objects in an emotional way. Toyota recently had a press conference in which they talked about their idea of future cars and the CEO said, “ a car must appeal to the emotion of its owner.” In other words, it is important for the car designer to design cars that can respond to its owner’s emotions.


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