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Ellen Riggle's LGBTQ Research Cited in Scientific American

The article "The Positive Aspects of Being the Parent of an LGBTQ Child," co-written by Ellen Riggle, was cited in a Scientific American entry titled "Families Find Ways to Protect Their LGBTQ Kids" by Marla Broadfoot. 

"One study by researchers at the University of Kentucky set out to catalog the positive aspects of parenting an LGBTQ child," the article states. "The survey of 142 parents uncovered various ways the experience brought about parents’ personal growth. It made them more compassionate, gave them greater empathy for marginalized populations, strengthened their relationship with their children, connected them more fully to their values, led to lasting friendships, and motivated them to engage in activism and advocacy."

Riggle is professor of Political Science and Gender and Women's Studies in the University of Kentucky's College of Arts and Sciences.