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Placement Record

The Political Science Department here at UK is happy to have our PhD graduates employed in a variety of diverse locations, industries, and professions. Below, find a our placement record, showing where our Cats have ended up and are continuing to make an impact. 

NamePhD Year

Major Field


Current Position

Audrey Baricovich2023American PoliticsPostdoctoral Scholar, University of KentuckyPostdoctoral Scholar, University of Kentucky 
Rachael Blandau2023American PoliticsEvaluation Researcher, Reach EvaluationEvaluation Researcher, Reach Evaluation 
Bryce Beschorner2023International RelationsFaculty, Fort Worth Country DayFaculty, Fort Worth Country Day 
Kelly Grenier2023Comparative Politics Assistant Professor, Emory & Henry CollegeAssistant Professor, Emory & Henry College 
Baylee Harrell2023International RelationsResilience Evaluation and Analytics Specialist, Homeland SecurityResilience Evaluation and Analytics Specialist, Homeland Security 
Damian Jones2023International RelationsFaculty, National Intelligence UniversityFaculty, National Intelligence University 
Weiss Mehrabi2023International RelationsAssistant Professor, Centre CollegeAssistant Professor, Centre College 
Trey Wood2023International RelationsData Scientist, SAICData Scientist, SAIC 
Alexander Denison2022American PoliticsAdjunct Professor, Miami UniversityAdjunct Professor, Cleveland State University 
Jennifer Flinchum2022International RelationsTeaching Post-doctoral Scholar, University of KentuckyTeaching Post-doctoral Scholar, University of Kentucky 
Peter Lynch2022American PoliticsVisiting Assistant Professor, Centre CollegeVisiting Assistant Professor, Centre College 
Gargi Vyas2021International RelationsVisiting Assistant Professor, University of KentuckyAssistant Professor, Creighton University 
Helen Kras2021Comparative Politics Assistant Professor, Regis UniversityAssistant Professor, Fordham University 
Glenn Harden2020International RelationsWilmore CollegeAssistant Professor, Asbury University 
Eteri Tsintsadze-Maass2020International RelationsAdjunct Professor, Old Dominion UniversityAdjunct Professor, Old Dominion University 
Ralph Schoellhammer2020International RelationsAssistant Professor, Webster University, ViennaAssistant Professor, Webster University, Vienna 
Stephen Joiner2019International Relations & Comparative PoliticsAssistant Professor, Carson-NewmanAssistant Professor, Carson-Newman 
Chris Ledford2019American PoliticsAnalyst, BCTC's Office of Institutional Planning, Research, and Effectiveness (IPRE)Analyst, BCTC's Office of Institutional Planning, Research, and Effectiveness (IPRE) 
Gregory Saxton2019Comparate PoliticsVisiting Professor, Texas TechVisiting Professor, Texas Tech 
Jaclyn Johnson-Avalos2018International RelationsAssistant Professor, University of the CumberlandsVisiting Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky 
Charles Dainoff2018International RelationsAssistant Professor, University of Idaho  
Gabriela Rangel2017Comparative PoliticsAssistant Professor, Virginia Military Institute  
Anna Rannou2017International RelationsCommunity Development Internship Coordinator, Covenant College  
John Poe2017American PoliticsPostdoctoral Scholar with the Center for Public Health Services & Systems Research at UKStatistician Lead, University of Michigan Medical School 
Austin Trantham2017American PoliticsAssistant Professor, Jacksonville University  
Anup Phayal2016International RelationsAssistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Wilmington  
Ryan Voris2016American PoliticsAssistant Professor, Abraham Baldwin College, Georgia  
Andrew Martin2015American PoliticsSenior Research Scientist, Kentucky Transportation Center  
Jungmoo Woo2015International RelationsAssistant Professor, Dongguk University, South Korea  
Yu Ouyang2015American PoliticsAssistant Professor, Purdue University, NorthwestAssociate Professor, Associate Chair, Purdue University, Northwest 
Michael Morgan2015International RelationsAssistant Professor, Thiel College, PA.Assistant Professor, Marietta College 
Theresa Schroeder2015International RelationsAssistant Professor, Radford UniversityVisiting Assistant Professor, Ohio Northern University 
Andrea Neal-Malji2015International RelationsAssistant Professor at Hawai'i Pacific University  
Jack East2014International RelationsStrategic Planner, US Army Cadet CommandCommand Executive Officer, United States Army Reserve 84th Training Command 
Priyam Saharia2014International RelationsCo-founder of Rhyme N Reason BooksCo-founder of Rhyme N Reason Books 
Su-Mi Lee2013International RelationsAssistant Professor, University of Hawaii-HiloAssociate Professor, University of Hawaii-Hilo 
Jeremiah Olson2013American PoliticsAssistant Professor, University of Michigan-Flint  
Barrett Osborn2013International RelationsSenior Statistician/Analyst at OMNITEC Solutions, DCOrganizational Change Manager, Falconwood Incorporated 
Jason Kehrberg2013American PoliticsAssistant Professor, Muskingum University  
Isaac Castellano2012International RelationsLecturer, Dept. of Political Science, Boise State University, Boise, IDLecturer, Dept. of Political Science, Boise State University 
Sharma Ramesh2012American PoliticsPostdoctoral Research Associate, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas  
Jonathan Powell2012International RelationsAssociate Professor, University of Central Florida  
Trace Lasley2012International RelationsDept. Homeland Security, Office of Policy/Strategy, Planning, Analysis,  RiskAdjunct Professorial Lecturer, American University 
Hanbeom Jeong2011International RelationsResearch Faculty Korea University, South Korea  
Adam Butz2011Policy StudiesAssistant Professor, California State University-Long Beach  
Ridvan Peshkopia2011International RelationsDirector of Social Sciences Program, University College, Kosovo  
Jerry Thomas2011American PoliticsAssistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-OshkoshAssociate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh 
Lee Remington Williams2011American PoliticsAssistant Professor, Bellarmine University Louisville, KY  
Kirill Bumin2008Comparative PoliticsAssistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, NCAssociate Professor, Assistant Dean of University of North Carolina at Pembroke Graduate School 
Jorge Figueroa2008International RelationsUniversity of Quintana Roo  
Thomas Martin2007American PoliticsVisiting Professor, Eastern Kentucky University

Executive Director, Center for Economic Development, Entrepreneurship and Technology at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU)

Assistant Professor of Management at EKU

Byungkyu Kim2007Public PolicyAssistant Professor, Public Administration, Andong National University, South Korea  
Satoshi Machida2006Comparative PoliticsAssociate Professor, University of Nebraska at Kearney  
Marc Hutchison2006International RelationsAssociate Professor, University of Rhode IslandDepartment Chair of Political Science, University of Rhode Island 
Mandi Bates Bailey2006American PoliticsAssociate Professor, Valdosta State University, GA  
David Prince2005American PoliticsAssistant Professor, Bellarmine University, Louisville, KYAssistant Professor of Political Science Georgia Gwinnett College 
Jeff Fine2005American PoliticsAssociate Professor, Clemson University, SC  
Young-Kwi Bae2005International RelationsAssistant Professor, Korea Air Force Academy, Korea  
Elizabeth Langston2005Transnational PoliticsAcademic Dir., School for Intl. Training, OmanFreelance Research & Consulting 
Tae-Huang Kim2004Comparative PoliticsAssistant Professor, Political Science, Soongsil University, South Korea  
Zeynep Alemdar2004International RelationsAssistant Professor, Okan University,TurkeyAssociate Professor, Okan University 
Marybeth Beller2004Public PolicyAssociate Professor, Political Science, Marshall University, WV  
Mike Musulin2004Public PolicyAdjunct Faculty at Kaplan University, Vice President at USA Synthetic Fuel Corporation   
James Avery2004American PoliticsAssociate Professor, Richard Stockton College, NJ  
Eun Seok Jang2004International RelationsAssociate Professor, Korea Air Force Academy, South Korea  
Kimberly Zagorski2004International RelationsAssociate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin Stout