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Kay Hales
Ph.D. Candidate
Teaching Assistant

I am a fourth-year PhD Candidate in the Department of Political Science. My research focuses on identity politics, political psychology and behavior, and political sociology. Specifically, I am interested in the experiential, cognitive, and affective components of intra-group dynamics.

My dissertation specifically investigates LGBTQ people's sense of linked fate as a way to broaden our understanding of this concept and expand its theoretical framework.  I use a combination of survey, phenomenological, and psychometric techniques to explore (1) how LGBTQ people experience a sense of linked fate, (2) the experiential and affective mechanisms driving LGBTQ people's sense of linked fate, and (3) develop a novel, multidimensional measure to assess LGBTQ people's sense of linked fate. 

In addition to my dissertation, my other current projects investigate how constituent-level identity (including White identity) shapes state and local elites' legislative behavior, and 'manosphere' socialization.

Contact Information
1602 POT
BA Political Science and History, Louisiana Tech University, 2020

MA Political Science, University of Kentucky, 2023
Research Interests
  • Political psychology
  • Identity Politics
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Political behavior
  • Political Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Gender and Women's Studies