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Daniel Morey


Ph.D., University of Iowa


Daniel Morey is an Associate Professor in Political Science; he received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Iowa.  He specializes in the study of international relations, with special interest in international conflict.  Recent research articles have appeared in the American Journal of Political Science, International Studies Quarterly, and Conflict Management and Peace Science.  Current research projects include coalition command structures, coalitions and the terms of surrender, and post-war occupations.

Area of Specialization - International Relations, International Conflict, Rivlary, Military Coalitions, and Dynamic Models.  

Selected Publications:
  • Daniel S. Morey.. 2020.  "Centralized Command and Coalition Victory." Conflict Management and Peace Science 37 (6): 716-734.
  • Daniel S. Morey. 2011. “When War Brings Peace: A Dynamic Model of the Rivalry Process.” American Journal of Political Science 55 (2):  263-275.
  • Megan Shannon, Daniel S. Morey, and Frederick J. Boehmke. 2010. “The Influence of International Organizations on Militarized Dispute Initiation and Duration.” International Studies Quarterly 54: 1123-1141.

  • Frederick J. Boehmke, Daniel S. Morey, and Megan Shannon. 2006. “Selection Bias and Continuous-Time Duration Models: Consequences and a Proposed Solution.” American Journal of Political Science 50 (1): 192-207.