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Taylor Leigh

Taylor is the Political Science & Hispanic Studies Librarian at UK Libraries. He holds bachelor's degrees in History and Spanish (University of Georgia), master's degrees in Spanish (University of Georgia) and Library and Information Science (University of Rhode Island), and a Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies (Brown University). Taylor's job entails collection management for Political Science and Hispanic Studies, including the Wilson Endowment for Mexicana, teaching information literacy and research methodologies, and outreach to other campus units and the broader community. He works with students and faculty to best meet their needs and support their research and teaching.

Selected Publications:

Leigh, Taylor. "Lecciones de la historia (literaria): la recepción y mediación de la literatura española por parte de George Ticknor." George Ticknor y la fundación del hispanismo en Estados Unidos, edited by José M. del Pino. Madrid: Iberoamericana, 2022, pp. 143-171. (Forthcoming)

Leigh, Taylor and Adán Griego. "Iberian Studies Librarianship." Handbook for European Studies Librarians, edited by Brian Vetruba and Heidi Madden. Minneapolis: Minnesota Libraries Publishing Services, 2022. (Forthcoming)

Leigh, Taylor. American Cultural Anxiety and the Beginnings of Hispanism: George Ticknor Reads Spanish Literature. 2018. Brown University, Ph.D. Dissertation.