Victoria Beall

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  • Ph.D. Student
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Political Science
1602 Patterson Office Tower
Research Interests:

B.A. International Relations, The University of Georgia, 2016.


I am a third year Ph.D. Student and Teaching Assistant at the University of Kentucky studying Political Science with a major focus in Comparative Politics and a minor in International Relations.

Before beginning my doctoral studies at the University of Kentucky, I was a participant of the Richard B. Russel Security Leadership Program in the Center for International Trade and Security at the University of Georiga where I focused on CBRN security and international trade generally. I also worked with Dr. Igor Khripunov on projects concerning nuclear security culture during my time in the program.  

My current research interests fall broadly within legislative politics, gender politics, and political representation. My dissertation looks at women's political representation in the legislature. Specifically, I examine conservative women's representation. One unique aspect of my research is that I use text analysis to evaluate conservative women's representation as well as traditional survey comparisons to measure congruence between mass public and elite preferences. Using legislative speeches I am able to answer questions regarding not only the frequency of representation but also the quality of representation conservative women experience in politics. Additionally, I examine the factors that influence who represents conservative women in politics and how they do so. I primarily focus on the experiences of conservative female legislators as compared to that of other legislators. 

Another aspect of my research is my dataset. I am currently in the process of collecting legisaltive speech data from Argentina and completed 6 weeks in Buenos Aires collecting such data and conducting interviews with political experts in the city. I have currently collected over 7 years worth legislative speeches made in the House of Deputies from the Congressional Archives. I intend to return to Argentina to continue my data collect and hope to expand this dataset to include other Latin American countries as I progress. 

I have been a Teaching Assistant for the undergraduate course PS 101: Introduction to American Governemnt Fall 2016 with Dr. Richard Waterman and Spring 2017 with Dr. Steve Voss. During the Fall 2017 semester, I was a teaching assistant under Dr. Abby Cordova for PS 210 Introduction to Comparative Politics. During the Spring 2018 semester I was the primary instructor of PS 101 Introduction to American Government. 

Currently I teach PS 372, Introduction to Political Analysis. 

FALL 2018 OFFICE HOURS: TR 1:30-3 pm, or by appointment

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