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Weiss Mehrabi

Research Interests
  • International Military Coalitions
  • Politics of International Diplomatic Recognition
  • State Formation & Secession Movements
  • Civil Wars and Ethnic Conflicts
  • Politics of International Migration 
  • Politics of Central and Southeast Asia

I am a fourth-year PhD candidate specializing in international relations and policy. My research is broadly focused on international security, especially international military coalitions. My dissertation, entitled “Coalition of the Ending: Why States Withdraw from Military Coalitions”, explores the causes and conditions under which states withdraw their support for an ongoing military coalition operation resulting in prematurely abandoning their partners. Additional research interests include post-conflict state and nation building, state formation and secessionist movements, politics of international recognition, and the impact of international migration and cross-border ties on political behavior and attitudes.

I serve as the primary instructor of political science courses in international relations, comparative politics, American government, Model United Nations, and research methods. For further details about my teaching, research, and other relevant information, please visit my website or see my CV.


Office Hours

Fall 2022: Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 - 4:30pm, or by appointment.