Hire a UK Ph.D.

We have several highly qualified graduate students who are seeking academic appointments. If any of these individuals might be appropriate for your needs, I hope you will contact our Placement Director, Professor Justin Wedeking (859-257-7040; justin.wedeking@uky.edu).  He will be happy to respond to any inquiries or arrange to send any credentials to you.

Yanyu Ke
Dissertation: IMF Structural Adjustment Programs, Ethnicity, and Armed Civil Conflict
Fields: International Relations and Comparative Politics        Personal webpage    Email:  yke2@g.uky.edu
Michael Morgan
Dissertation: Coalitions in Conflict: Organizational Traits and Military Collaboration
Fields: International Relations, Comparative Politics, American Politics, Research Methods     Personal webpage       Email: michael.morgan.7@uky.edu
Yu Ouyang
Dissertation:  Presidential Politics and Presidential Power
Fields:   American Politics, Research Methods        Personal webpage          Email: you222@uky.edu
Anup Phayal
Dissertation: Post-Conflict Elections and Stability
Fields: International Relations, Comparative Politics      Personal webpage      Email:  anup.phayal@uky.edu
John Poe
Dissertation: Three Essays on the Relationship between Context and Political Behavior
Fields:  American Politics, Research Methods, Policy   Personal webpage           Email: jdpo223@g.uky.edu
Theresa M. Schroeder
Dissertation: When Security Dominates the Agenda: The Influence of Interstate Rivalry on Women's Status

Fields:  International Relations,Comparative Politics        Personal Webpage          Email: tsc225@g.uky.edu

Jungmoo Woo

Dissertation: The Effect of the Oil Trade Network on Political Stability

Fields: International Relations, Comparative Politics    http://jungmoowoo.weebly.com  Email: jwo229@uky.edu





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