Hire a UK PhD

We have several highly qualified graduate students who are seeking academic appointments. If any of these individuals might be appropriate for your needs, please contact our Director of Graduate Studies, who will be happy to respond to any inquiries about our graduate students.

Picture Name Contact
BABE256's picture
Ph.D. Candidate, Teaching Assistant
Nuclear politics, International Security, International Cooperation
1605 Patterson Office Tower
jaflin2's picture
Teaching Post-Doctoral Scholar
coups d'etat, International Cooperation, International Law
1659 Patterson Office Tower
kngr228's picture
Ph.D. Student, Teaching Assistant, Comparative and American Politics
Censorship, Protest Music, Regime Survival
1605 Patterson Office Tower
beha248's picture
Ph.D. Candidate, Teaching Assistant
International Relations, One-sided Violence, Violence against civilians, Sexual violence in armed conflict, Nonstate Actors, Political behavior
1602 Patterson Office Tower
jmjo245's picture
Visiting Assistant Professor
1606 Patterson Office Tower
wme226's picture
PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant
1618 Patterson Office Tower
woc222's picture
Ph.D. Candidate
International Relations, Comparative Politics, Civil Conflicts, Human Rights, International Political Economy
1618 Patterson Office Tower
ESI237's picture
Ph.D. Candidate, Teaching Assistant
Law and courts, Text Analysis
1606 Patterson Office Tower