Political Science Internship Program

The Political Science department is pleased to be able to offer a variety of internship opportunities to students.  Internships allow students to gain first-hand experience to relate their academic preparation to work settings.  Students also often discover new areas of interest, make valuable connections, and receive job offers at the conclusion of their internships.  Graduating Political Science majors, when asked the highlight of their academic experiences at UK, commonly single out their internships as the most-enriching things they've done.  We encourage talented and ambitious Political Science majors to plan their studies so that they can fit internships into their curriculum. 

There are a variety of internship opportunities for Political Science students.  Students often volunteer or take jobs with elected officials, government agencies, political campaigns, non-proffits, nonpartisan organization, law firms, and the like.  We also offer more structured programs in Frankfort and Washington, DC.  See the menus below to learn more about the primary paths students pursue when they are interested in internships, some recent opportunities that have come across our desks (Summer 2021 Tab; Local, Regional, and Remote Opportunities tab), and a list of previous internship placements (Internship Placements Tab) to get an idea of the type of internship political science students experience.