Mark Peffley

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  • University Research Professor
  • Professor of Political Science
  • Director of QIPSR, the Quantitative Initiative for Policy and Social Research
  • Former Co-Editor of Political Behavior.
  • Political Science
1653 (or 1113) Patterson Office Tower

Ph.D., University of Minnesota


I study public opinion and political psychology, mostly in the U.S. but also abroad, focusing on racial bias and political intolerance. See my Researchgate page.

My research has appeared in American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, International Studies Quarterly, American Politics Quarterly, Political Behavior, Political Communications, Political Research Quarterly and Public Opinion Quarterly.

See my recent article in American Politics Review, "Racial Attributions in the Justice System and Support for Punitive Crime Policies.pdf" 

See my recent article in American Political Science Review, "The Impact of Persistent Terrorism on Political Tolerance, Israel 1980-2011.

Books: Justice in America: The Separate Realities of Blacks and WhitesPerception and Prejudice: Race and Politics in the U.S., with Jon Hurwitz.

  • Washington Post feature on what Justice in America.

Areas of Specialization - Public opinion, political psychology, racial attitudes and political tolerance.

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